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FAR and Above and SPRS Scoring Tool Downloaded Over 11,000 Times! New Update Available!

Our automated SPRS and FAR and Above scoring tool has been downloaded over 11,000 times since the fi…

2022 Year End CMMC Program Status Update

2022 saw a lot of changes to the CMMC program, and even to the government’s approach to supply chain…

Certified CMMC Assessor Program Update

2023 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for the CMMC program! DoD closed out 2023 by kicking off (more.…

Pentagon’s Joint Surveillance Program in Full Swing

The United States Department of Defense (“DoD”) has begun its “Joint Surveillance Program” in conjun…

Rule Change is Imminent. Are You Ready?

The CMMC Implementation Conference is being held January 18-20 at the beautiful University of San Di…

Are Contractors Authorized to Mark Legacy Information or Unmarked Information as CUI?

There is a LOT of confusion in the contractor community over whether contractors have the authority …

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