The CMMC Information Institute is excited to announce the CMMC Community Contributor Awards! These awards recognize the contributions made by individuals to enhance the nation’s supply chain security. Although the CMMC Information Institute focuses on the CMMC program, we recognize that some individuals have made contributions that significantly advanced the underlying CMMC efforts without making direct contributions to CMMC itself. These include contributions to the underlying tools, technology, training, standards, practices, etc.

To receive a CMMC Community Contributor Award, the awardee must:

  • NOT be a current service member or civilian employee of the US Department of Defense;
  • NOT be a current Board Member or employee of the CMMC Accreditation Body;
  • NOT be a nomination review volunteer;
  • have made material contributions that helped advance the cybersecurity posture of the US government’s supply chain.

We are seeking:

  • awardee nominations; and,
  • volunteers to review the nominations.

Would you like to volunteer to review awardee nominations? If so, please E-mail us at Info at

Would you like to nominate an awardee? If so, please use the form below to submit your nomination!