CMMC: Prime Contractors’ Perspectives Recording Available

The CMMC Information Institute recently hosted an event in which we were joined by Nicole Dean, CISO of Accenture Federal Services; David Kessler, Vice President and Associate General Counsel IT & Cybersecurity of BAE Systems; and Michael Connelly, Assistant Compliance and Supply Chain Risk Management Program Manager and Chief Strategist for Classified Policy and Programs for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. We discussed a range of topics including how their organizations are preparing for CMMC, how their roles as subcontractors shape the way they interact with their own subcontractors, and how organizations should approach dealing with DFARS 252.204-7019 and 252.204-7020 (the requirements that contractors handling CUI submit self-assessment scores to SPRS). A recording of the event is available for our Communities members via the link below.

Recording: CMMC: Understanding the Distinctions between COTS, Commercial Items, and Custom Products/Services

Addie Cliffe and Chris Haile of Crowell and Moring joined us on March 29, 2021 to help defense contractors understand the distinctions between Commercially available Off the Shelf products, commercial items, and custom items. These distinctions are important because DFARS 252.204-7012, -7019, -7020, and -7021 all expressly exclude applicability to COTS products, but commercial items and custom items are not excluded. The recording is available for free to our Communities members.

Recording: CMMC and the Law: What Every Contractor Needs to Know

The CMMC Information Institute’s session on CMMC and the law was a huge success! Panelists Kate Growley, Bob Metzger, and Josh Duvall did an amazing job of sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well as many valuable, practical tips, on a wide range of topics. A recording of the session is available to Communities members.