Chinda’s Chickens is, as its name suggests, an agricultural business. They sell fresh chicken eggs, chicken parts, and fertilizer to commercial distributors who resell to various customers, including the United States Department of Defense (“DoD”). Chinda’s Chickens also sells fresh eggs and fresh and frozen chicken meat directly to DoD. DoD is Chinda’s Chickens’ only customer for frozen chicken.

Chinda’s Chicken is meant to help illustrate the difference between COTS (the fresh chicken) and non-COTS products (the frozen chicken) and how easily COTS suppliers can slip over into being subject to CMMC requirements. If Chinda’s Chicken only sold fresh chicken to DoD, and if the chicken was the same as is sold on the commercial market (i.e., it is not treaded with special preservatives, shipped in more durable packaging, etc.), then Chinda’s Chicken would likely be able to avoid being subject to the CMMC requirements.

Given that Chinda’s Chicken sells specialized products to DoD, they will likely not be able to avoid CMMC. However, since Chinda’s Chicken is not likely to handle CUI, they are a great example of a company for which a basic self-assessment and attestation under CMMC 2.0 Level 1 is likely to be sufficient.

Chinda’s Chicken has 3 large farms in Somewhereville, PA. The live chickens are all brought to a central processing facility, and the chicken parts are shipped from that facility. Chinda’s Chicken’s headquarters is in a separate building on the other (upwind) side of Somewhereville. Orders are received from headquarters and sent to the processing facility.

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