How many Certified Assessors are there?

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How many Certified Assessors are there?

None. The CMMC-AB has contracted with Licensed Partner Publishers (“LPPs”) to create courses that will be used to train the Certified Assessors. These LPPs are hard at work crafting the training programs. In addition, a new version of the CMMC Model is expected in late January 2021 and any changes will need to be incorporated into the training curricula. The curricula must also be reviewed and approved by an independent organization before courses can be taught from it. Thus, formal assessor training is not expected to begin until Q3 of calendar year 2021.

DoD is releasing 15 solicitations in Fiscal Year 2021 that will include CMMC requirements. To meet the need for assessments under those 15 solicitations, the CMMC-AB has trained over 100 Provisional Assessors. Those Provisional Assessors will initially be focused on assessing those companies who are submitting proposals under the 15 solicitations.

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