The US Department of Defense has created a mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) training program for its employees and industry. The program, available from, takes less than an hour to complete. It helps contractors and DoD employees understand what CUI is and how it is to be handled both by contractors and the government. The training culminates with an exam and, if you score 70% or above, you will be issued a CUI certification. According to some government contractors we’ve spoken with, the DoD is notifying contractors that this training is mandatory for all DoD civilian and military personnel as well as contractor employees in accordance with DoD Instruction 5200.48, paragraph 3.6(b). That paragraph states, in part:

“In accordance with this issuance, every individual at every level, including DoD civilian and military personnel as well as contractors providing support to the DoD pursuant to contractual requirements, will comply with the requirements in Paragraph 3.6.f of this issuance for initial and annual refresher CUI training.