The Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center ("DIBCAC") of the Defense Contract Management Agency ("DCMA") has begun assessing the cybersecurity programs of candidate C3PAOs under CMMC Maturity Level 3.  Two C3PAOs have currently met all of the requirements and are now Authorized to conduct assessments.  At the same time, more C3PAOs are moving from Applicant to Candidate status.  On June 21 at 4 PM Eastern the CMMC Information Institute is holding a special Informed Event that is open only to Candidate or Authorized C3PAOs.  During this Informed Event, Tony Buenger of Redspin, one of the two Authorized C3PAOs, will discuss his company's C3PAO Authorization journey.

Like our other roundtables, this session will:

not be recorded;
not be open to members of the p...

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