CIC2023 Session Materials

By all accounts, CIC2023 was a huge success! We truly appreciate that over forty (40) of the industry’s leading cybersecurity, compliance, and education experts were willing to share their knowledge and experience with our attendees and facilitate impactful discussions. The feedback we have received made it clear that the attendees learned a lot from every session!

Several CIC2023 attendees asked if they could get copies of the slides and other materials used during the sessions. CIC2023 was entirely “off the record” and not for attribution (the Chatham House Rule applied), and that allowed our facilitators to speak more freely about certain topics than they might in more public settings. Some of them have agreed to make their materials available, but have asked that we limit access to the slides to only those who attended CIC2023.

Thus, the materials listed below are only available for download by those who attended CIC2023. To access them, you must have registered with the CMMC Information Institute using the instructions provided in our E-mail dated February 3, 2023 and you must be logged into your CMMC Info account. If you attended CIC2023, have followed the instructions, are logged in, and still need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].