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The CMMC Information Institute is proud to award CMMC Community Contributor Challenge Coins and Certificates of Appreciation to the following individuals. Each has made significant contributions to the US Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (“CMMC”) program and beyond, including ensuring that organizations have the resources, education, and tools needed to help keep our nation secure. Their efforts will benefit for our nation for many years to come.

To receive a CMMC Community Contributor Award, an individual must:

  • NOT be a current service member or civilian employee of the US Department of Defense;
  • NOT be a current Board Member or employee of the CMMC Accreditation Body or the CAICO;
  • NOT be a nomination committee member;
  • have made material contributions that helped advance the cybersecurity posture of the US government’s supply chain; and,
  • be nominated by at least one prior CMMC Community Contributor awardee and approved by the nomination committee.

First NameLast NameOrganizationNominated ByAward YearReason for Award
AmiraArmondKieri SolutionsCMMC Info.2022Creation and leadership of community which allows candidate and authorized C3PAOs to collaborate and share information, both with themselves and the CMMC-AB.
KatieArringtonKatie for CongressCMMC Info.2022Creation and leadership of the CMMC program; zealous advocate of supply chain cybersecurity advocacy.
MarkBermanFutureFeed.coCMMC Info.2021Founding Director of the CMMC-AB Board of Directors and leader of the organization’s early governance and community outreach efforts.
ReganEdensDTC GlobalCMMC Info.2022Leadership of the CMMC-AB Board of Director’s assessment and standards work, including feedback which shaped the CMMC assessment process.
SteveGillockTechSolveCMMC Community2023Leader in MEP initiatives to help manufacturing companies enhance their cybersecurity programs and address their CMMC requirements.
DawnGreenmanThe Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryCMMC Info.2021Outstanding contributions and leadership in the creation of the CMMC program.
AndrewHooverSoftware Engineering InstituteCMMC Info.2021Outstanding contributions and leadership in the creation of the CMMC program.
JacobHorneSummit 7CMMC Info.2022Leadership, advocacy, and education for the contractor community.
KarltonJohnsonDelaine StrategiesCMMC Info.2022Leadership during the CMMC-AB Board of Director’s transition from “director-doers” to directors and during the professional staff’s formative growth.
MichaelKelleherMD MEPCMMC Community2022Creation of highly effective program which enables Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (“MEPs”) to assist manufacturing companies with their cybersecurity compliance efforts.
DarrenKingDCMA DIBCAC (former)CMMC Info.2022Outreach and collaboration regarding the CMMC-AB’s assessment program.
Richard (“Doc”)KlodnickiAeretiCMMC Info.2022Member of the initial cadre of outside Directors of the CMMC-AB’s Board of Directors. Significant contributor to the CMMC-AB’s internal governance programs and structure.
TaraLemieuxPhoenix TSCMMC Community2023Member of CyberAB training working group. Contributor to several education-related initiatives. Early CMMC Provisional Instructor and Provisional Assessor.
FernandoMachadoCybersec InvestmentsCMMC Community2023Member of several CyberAB working groups. Early CMMC Provisional Assessor. Contributes significant content to the CMMC community.
RobertMetzgerRogers | Joseph | O’DonnellCMMC Info.2022Extraordinary insight and leadership in cybersecurity advocacy for the US Government and its supply chain.
TySchieberUniversity of VirginiaCMMC Info.2021Founding Director and Chairman of the CMMC-AB Board of Directors during its formative stages. Laid the foundation for the transition from “director-doers” to an Accreditation Body run by professional staff.
AmyStarzynski Coddens Indiana University / REN-ISACCMMC Community2022Outstanding contributions to, and leadership of, the CMMC-AB training working group.
KatieStewartSoftware Engineering InstituteCMMC Info.2021Outstanding contributions and leadership in the creation of the CMMC program.
BenTchoubinehPhoenix TSCMMC Info.2021Initial Director of CMMC-AB Board of Directors’ Education Committee. Exemplary leadership of, and contributions to, the CMMC-AB’s education and training program.
LesTerrellDTC Global LLCCMMC Community2023Co-founder and organizer of the CMMC Industry Standards Committee.
DaroldTippeyTMACCMMC Community2023Leads many MEP-related initiatives designed to help US manufacturers, and especially those in the defense supply chain, to enhance their cybersecurity maturity.
MatthewTitcombePeak InfosecCMMC Info.2022Outstanding contributions to the CMMC-AB assessment working group and beyond.
RichardWakemanMicrosoftCMMC Community2022Creation of information and resources which enable companies to better understand and meet their compliance requirements.
AmyWilliamsBlueVoyantCMMC Info.2022Contributions to the CMMC training program and volunteer educational efforts.
CMMC Community Contributor Awardees