Klowdize offers operating systems for dedicated hardware, such as servers, workstations, and laptops. Klowdize also offers several platform as a service and software as a service offerings which are marketed under the general Klowdize banner.

Within the government contractor space, Klowdize’s commercial offerings are typically referred to as “Klowdize Commercial”. Klowdize Commercial includes a centralized identity management service, as well as file sharing and E-mails. Klowdize Commercial is hosted in the Klowdize Green Data Center, which is (literally) on the border between the United States and Canada. Klowdize Green employs citizens of Canada and the US. Klowdize Green is also administered by Klowdize subcontractors in India and China.

Klowdize also offers Klowdize GovCon, a service targeted at US government contractors. GovCon is hosted entirely in the United States, all employees with access to GovCon are US citizens who have undergone strict background checks, and all traffic within the data center remains in the United States. While the use of GovCon is likely to expedite CMMC/800-171 compliance, it is significantly more expensive, on a per-user basis, than Klowdize Commercial.