We are hosting the next in our CMMC-related Events, “Cybersecurity, CMMC, and the Law: What Every Contractor Needs to Know” on Friday, March 19 at 11:00 AM.  Join leading expert attorneys Kate GrowleyRobert Metzger, and Joshua Duvall as they give government contractors key guides for navigating the ever-shifting legal and regulatory landscape around cybersecurity.

Our distinguished panel will address questions many contractors have, including:

  • My prime contractor keeps asking me about CUI.  What is CUI, how do I identify it, and what do I do with it once I find it?
  • I don’t think my company has CUI, and we don’t expect to receive any.  Can I waive my obligations to protect CUI through a memo or other change to a contract?
  • What kind of “teeth” does the government have when enforcing contractual or other legal and regulatory obligations?
  • What about my subcontractors; do I need to worry about them, too?
  • Are all of these regulations likely to create more grounds for bid protests?

We look forward to seeing you there! A recording of the session will be available to our Communities members who cannot make the session.