Can DCMA’s DIBCAC Teams Handle the CMMC C3PAO Authorization Workload?

CMMC depends upon Authorized C3PAOs. DCMA’s DIBCAC team plays a crucial role in the C3PAO authorization process. However, the DIBCAC teams’ calendars were already full prior to CMMC. In this article, co-authored with Kyle Lai, Carter Schoenberg, Tony Buenger, and Derek White, we discuss whether the current system is likely to clear the CMMC C3PAO backlog in a timely manner and explore a few alternatives.

Informed Event: CMMC C3PAOs: Preparing for an ISO 17020 Audit

Please join Victoria Delaney, M. Tanner Glover, and Tara Lemieux on Friday May 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM as they discuss a variety of topics including: the differences between ISO 17020 and 17021, what C3PAOs can expect during an ISO audit, how long an audit typically takes, and “typical” assessment costs. Please visit to register!