Can DCMA’s DIBCAC Teams Handle the CMMC C3PAO Authorization Workload?

CMMC depends upon Authorized C3PAOs. DCMA’s DIBCAC team plays a crucial role in the C3PAO authorization process. However, the DIBCAC teams’ calendars were already full prior to CMMC. In this article, co-authored with Kyle Lai, Carter Schoenberg, Tony Buenger, and Derek White, we discuss whether the current system is likely to clear the CMMC C3PAO backlog in a timely manner and explore a few alternatives.

CMMC-AB February 2021 Town Hall

The video for the February 2021 CMMC-AB Town Hall has been posted. A link is included in the original article. The February town hall included discussions of several interesting topics, including cost allowability, DoD internal efforts to train PMs and KOs on marking and cybersecurity, and upcoming assessments of C3PAOs by DIBCAC.