Are you interested in helping to build a solid CMMC Ecosystem? Then we’d love to talk to you! A core goal of the CMMC Information Institute is to make accurate information readily available to the entire CMMC Ecosystem. To that end, we are seeking volunteers to help us with several efforts. Please E-mail us at info at if you are interested in helping with any of these initiatives.

FAQ Questions

We recently released a set of Frequently Asked Questions. Are there other questions you’d like answered? If so, please fill out our form here or E-mail us.

Scholarly and Practical Articles

We are interested in showcasing innovative thought leadership in cybersecurity, data privacy, enterprise risk management, government contracting, and related spaces. Please reach to us if you have written, or are you thinking about writing:

  • an informative, practical piece about CMMC and demonstrating adoption of CMMC objectives;
  • an article about an innovative approach to addressing cybersecurity/data privacy risks, whether at a macro/public policy level or micro/specific risk level; or
  • another topic the CMMC Ecosystem would benefit from learning more about.

Communities Testing

A key part of the vision for the CMMC Information Institute is the creation of a community where everyone, including contractors, vendors, services providers, and the government, can share information and experiences. Although our initial focus is on CMMC, we are also interested in fostering broader conversations about government and commercial contracts, cybersecurity, data privacy, and enterprise risk management. We have been building an online portal that will allow for this, and are ALMOST ready to launch the communities. We are seeking volunteers to help us test the Communities functionality, provide feedback on its utility, and begin using it. In exchange for your efforts, we will offer a free annual membership to those selected to participate.

Maturity Level 1 Sample Environments Working Group

Much of the focus in the CMMC marketing is on Maturity Level 3 and above. And it is no wonder: the information involved is some of the government’s most sensitive unclassified information, and there is a lot of money to be made selling tools and services to help companies get to Maturity Level 3. But the vast majority of small and medium businesses won’t need Maturity Level 3 certification, they will only need Maturity Level 1. To that end, we are seeking volunteers to help us create several sample environments/reference architectures that are likely to meet the Maturity Level 1 certification requirements. As a volunteer, your contributions to the efforts will be recognized on our website, and the information you create will be freely available to anyone.

We want our sample environments to be created by industry for industry and, although they will reference specific vendors’ products, we want to create sample environments that include several different vendors’ products. Thus, we are looking for volunteers from diverse backgrounds and industries to ensure we are helping as many organizations as possible. If you are interested in participating in the Sample Environments Working Group, please contact us.